Susan L’Allier and Laurie Elish-Piper have conducted three studies over a six-year period focusing on the relationship between literacy coaching and student reading achievement.  Their research has included over
  • 30 literacy coaches
  • 280 teachers
  • 7,000 students
The results of their research indicated at least six coaching variables predicted student achievement.  More specifically, students are predicted to have increased gains in reading when their teachers are coached by 
  • Coaches who hold Reading Teacher Endorsement or Reading Specialist Certification,
  • Coaches who spend more than a third of their coaching time working directly with teachers,
  • Coaches who spend their time engaged in
    • Conferencing with teachers
    • Assessing and discussing assessment results with teachers
    • Modeling for teachers
    • Observing teachers and discussing those observations with teachers
These six coaching variables comprise the Targeted Coaching Model around which The Literacy Coaching Series has been designed.