• 2 DVDs – Total viewing time: 2 hours and 46 minutes
    • DVD1 – Viewing time: 72 minutes
      • Series Introduction Focus on Data Analysis (a coach-teacher conference about fluency data and next steps) 
      •  Focus on Long-Term Planning (a coach-teacher conference about planning a unit of lessons on inferring)
      •  Focus on Reflection (a coach-teacher conference during which the teacher reflects on a vocabulary lesson she taught that had been observed by the coach) 
    • DVD2 – Viewing time: 94 minutes
      • Series Introduction (a repeat of the Introduction on DVD1)
      • The Coach as Model (a coach modeling a writing lesson in a classroom)
      • The Coach as Co-Planner (a coach and teacher debriefing the writing lesson and planning for the next lesson) 
      • The Coach as Co-Teacher (a coach and teacher co-teaching the writing lesson they had planned together)
  • 1 CD-ROM – Viewing guides, forms, and guides to labeled versions keyed to each of the six coaching vignettes

The main focus of The Literacy Coaching Series is to show how literacy coaches can enhance student reading achievement through the use of research-based targeted coaching activities.  The series also highlights specific language that coaches can use when conferencing with teachers and effective instructional practices that coaches can implement when modeling for and co-teaching with teachers.


You will see four different types of coach and teacher conferences:
  • A conference to examine fluency data and discuss fluency strategies
  • A conference to plan an entire unit of lessons about inferring
  • A post-observation conference about a vocabulary lesson
  • A conference to co-plan a writing lesson
You will also see two classroom lessons:
  • A writing lesson modeled by a coach
  • A writing lesson co-taught by a coach and a teacher

Conferencing, discussing assessments, modeling, and observation of the teacher by the coach are the main activities shown in The Literacy Coaching Series because research results indicate that these four activities are significant predictors of student reading achievement.



You will see literacy coaches and teachers who are employed by public school districts in the greater Chicago area.  
All of the coaches have Reading Specialist Certification as is recommended by the International Reading Association and supported by research about the qualifications of coaches whose work has successfully enhanced student reading achievement. 
All of the teachers hold elementary education certification and have been teaching for at least five years.   Two teachers have earned a master’s degree. 

You will learn about the Targeted Coaching Model and how to implement the four coaching activities that comprise it: conferencing, administering and discussing assessments, modeling, and observing.  You will also learn how to adjust coaching language and stance (i.e., the approach that the coach uses to communicate with the teacher) to match the needs of individual teachers.  


Susan L’Allier and Laurie Elish-Piper have conducted three studies over a six-year period focusing on the relationship between literacy coaching and student reading achievement.  Their research has included over
  • 30 literacy coaches
  • 280 teachers
  • 7,000 students
The results of their research indicated at least six coaching variables predicted student achievement.  More specifically, students are predicted to have increased gains in reading when their teachers are coached by 
  • Coaches who hold Reading Teacher Endorsement or Reading Specialist Certification,
  • Coaches who spend more than a third of their coaching time working directly with teachers,
  • Coaches who spend their time engaged in
    • Conferencing with teachers
    • Assessing and discussing assessment results with teachers
    • Modeling for teachers
    • Observing teachers and discussing those observations with teachers
These six coaching variables comprise the Targeted Coaching Model around which The Literacy Coaching Series has been designed. 

First, we identified key components from the Targeted Coaching Model to develop the video vignettes.  We then worked with practicing literacy coaches and teachers to identify key “talking points” to include in each vignette. While the video vignettes were not scripted, they were outlined to ensure that they addressed key points and provided excellent models of coaching language and coaching stances (i.e., the approach that the coach uses to communicate with the teacher).

The Literacy Coaching Series begins with the Series Introduction that describes the content of the series and the research on which the series is based.Each vignette on the DVD is made up of four components.

  • An introduction during which an overview of the conference or lesson is provided and viewing points are suggested.  You may be asked to look for specific coaching language and/or to look for examples of effective teaching practices.
  • A coach and teacher conference or classroom lesson
  • A debrief where the key points of the conference or classroom lesson are discussed
  • A labeled version that provides on-screen visual aids to help you focus on the coaching language and effective practices that were used in the conference or classroom lesson 

The unlabeled version is the vignette you watch after viewing the Introduction.  You can use the Viewer’s Guide as you watch the unlabeled version to take notes about coaching stances, coaching language, and effective instructional practices.

Then, after you watch the unlabeled version of the vignette and the debrief about that vignette, you can watch the labeled version of the vignette. At the bottom of the screen of the labeled version, you will see notes about coaching stances and effective instructional practices.  You can see how well you were able to identify these aspects by matching your notes on the Viewing Guide to the labels presented in the labeled version of the vignette.

  • The viewing guide – There is a viewing guide for each vignette.  Completing the viewing guide as you watch each vignette ensures that you will be attending to the key aspects of the conference or lesson.
  • Materials related to the vignettes
    • Some materials are meant to be examined before you watch a particular vignette.  These materials will provide information related to the conference or the lesson you will view. 
    • Some forms are meant to be completed while you watch the vignettes, enabling you to take notes about specific coaching and teaching practices you see and hear.
    • Some exercises are meant to be completed after you watch a vignette, giving you extra practice in identifying effective coaching language.
  • Guide to the labeled version – There is a guide for each labeled version of the vignette.  The guide delineates the coaching stances (i.e., the approach that the coach takes when communicating with the teacher) and effective practices shown in the vignette and includes the exact time in the vignette where those items occur.  This enables you to easily find a specific part of a vignette that you wish to watch for a second time. 

The Literacy Coaching Series is designed for use by literacy leaders including literacy coaches, reading specialists, reading teachers, lead teachers, university professors, and school district administrators.

Yes.  For institutions that have CMS (Course Management Systems) like Blackboard Learn™, Moodle™ or other similar password protected systems, you can purchase a special “unprotected” set of DVDs/CDR that includes a 3 year license to our digital rights version of the Literacy Coaching Series. 

The license gives you permission to “digitize” the video on the set of unprotected DVDs and CDR that we send you so that the video and printed materials (pdf files) can be distributed to your students over a course management system for a 3 year period.   For more information you may want to read the attached “License Agreement for Digital Rights.”


When we receive your payment, along with a signed copy of our license agreement, we provide you with a specially produced “unprotected” copy of the program.  This allows your technical support people to digitize the video so that it can run on your server.  By turning off the “copy protection” features of the DVDs, digitization is facilitated.

The content is the same.  The major usage difference is that the DVD+CDR  set is for single use (showing it in a classroom or having it on reserve in a library).  The digital rights version is for multiple student use within a course management system like Blackboard Learn™or Moodle™.

Go to the “Contact Us” section of our website with your questions.  We generally get back to you within 12 hours.

Because our digital rights version requires you to sign our “License Agreement for Digital Rights” we do not sell it though our web site.  If you are interesting in ordering the digital rights version you can either go to the “Contact Us” section of our website or email us at sales@theliteracycoachingseries.com.  Just inform us of your interest and furnish us with your contact information.  We normally respond to emails within 12 hours or less.

You can use The Literacy Coaching Series for self-study to meet your professional needs and goals.

PDF ImageHow to Use The Literacy Coaching Series

You can use The Literacy Coaching Series in a graduate course focused on literacy coaching and literacy leadership.

PDF ImageHow to Use The Literacy Coaching Series

You can use The Literacy Coaching Series in professional development workshops for the reading professionals and literacy leaders in your school district.

PDF ImageHow to Use The Literacy Coaching Series

Yes, The Literacy Coaching Series is designed to be customizable and flexible to meet your specific needs.  The LCS provides scaffolding through the introductions, labeled versions, debriefs, viewing guides, and resource materials.  Depending on your instructional environment, you may choose to use all, some, or none of these scaffolds.  In addition, because the LCS is designed around six video vignettes, you can use all or some of these in the order that meets your needs.

The Literacy Coaching Series is a “workshop in a box” that provides over 2 hours and 40 minutes of video footage that shows the Targeted Coaching Model in action.  The Literacy Coaching Series is based on research that examined the relationship between literacy coaching and student reading achievement outcomes.  Therefore, all of the coaching activities in The Literacy Coaching Series are correlated with positive student reading outcomes.  The Literacy Coaching Series also provides scaffolds such as introductions, labeled versions, debriefs, viewing guides, and resource materials to help you build your literacy coaching skills.   

For the DVDs:  The DVDs will play on 99% of all stand-alone players and most computers equipped with DVD drives running under appropriate player software. For the CD:  The CD will open on 99% of computers with properly configured CD-ROM drives.  All documents on the CD are in Adobe’s PDF format and require the current edition of Adobe Reader which you can obtain for free by going to http://www.adobe.com

For The Literacy Coaching Series: Standard DVDs/CDR Box Set the single unit cost is $295.00For The Literacy Coaching Series: 3 year digital rights (DVDs/CDR + Digital Rights) the single unit cost is $590.00.For both products this is 25% less than other literacy video programs that include 2 DVDS (with less viewing time) and a CD.

Yes.  Laurie Elish-Piper and Susan L’Allier are experienced workshop facilitators and do provide on-site workshops.  If you are interested in an on-site workshop, please use the Contact Us section of this website to request further information.