I am extremely impressed with these materials!  This exemplary set of vignettes and accompanying written material address a great need of those involved in preparing literacy coaches.  Often, personnel from school districts, universities, and coaches themselves, will ask about where they can “see” examples of effective coaching—and such examples have not been readily accessible.  This set of videos provides that resource.   The videos are of high-quality and most important, present exemplary examples of the following research-based activities: conferencing, assessing and talking with teachers about assessment, modeling, and observing.  What is especially helpful are the introductions and debriefs to the various vignettes in which the actions of coaches and teachers are explained.  With this work, Susan and Laurie have contributed greatly to the field, providing essential professional development resources that have not been available for developing the skills and competencies of literacy coaches.

Rita M. Bean

Rita Bean is a Professor Emerita from the University of Pittsburgh. She is the author of The Reading Specialist: Leadership for the Classroom, School, and Community and co-editor of Best Practices of Literacy Leaders.

The coach-teacher vignettes are excellent! The accompanying introductions and debriefs are thoughtful and clearly articulated. The Literacy Coaching Series is an innovative and important resource for developing literacy coaches’ expertise. I envision that university professors who prepare literacy coaches and reading specialists and school districts aiming at enhancing their professional development programs will benefit tremendously from this series. The videos and written resources are comprehensive in scope and rich in multiple layers of information. Vignettes of coaching strategies focus on specific methods for enhancing classroom literacy instruction. Debriefings after each vignette are particularly helpful for alerting viewers to salient features of coaching strategies and deepening their coaching expertise.

Victoria Risko

Victoria Risko is a Professor Emerita from Vanderbilt University and served as the 2011-2012 President of the International Reading Association. She is a co-author of A Declaration of Readers’ Rights: Reclaiming Our Commitment to Students.

For the past three years, the Palatine School District has partnered with Susan and Laurie in order to provide intensive professional development in literacy coaching for our 30 reading specialists. The Literacy Coaching Series is a valuable tool that replicates many of the activities they designed and implemented during their workshops. These activities provided our reading specialists with critical background information and opportunities to practice the skills they would need in their changing roles as literacy coaches. Using The Literacy Coaching Series is the next best thing to having Susan and Laurie work with the reading professionals in your district!

Maria McClurkin

Maria McClurkin is the Director of Literacy Programs for the Community Consolidated School District #15 in Palatine, Illinois, where she facilitates the work of 30 reading specialists who provide literacy coaching to elementary and middle-school teachers.