Dear Literacy Colleague:

The Literacy Coaching Series (LCS) is a “workshop in a box” for literacy leaders like you who want to help teachers enhance their practice and improve their students’ reading achievement. The LCS is based on several research studies we conducted to examine the relationship between literacy coaching and student reading achievement.

We used the results of these studies to develop the Targeted Coaching Model. In the LCS’s video vignettes, you will see literacy coaches and teachers engage in the research-based coaching activities from the Targeted Coaching Model:

  • conferencing,
  • administering and discussing assessments,
  • modeling, and
  • observing.

Whether you are a practicing literacy coach, reading professional, college/university professor, or school district administrator, the Literacy Coaching Series is designed to be customizable to address your literacy coaching needs and goals.

The LCS literacy workshop videos includes introductions, debriefs, labeled versions, and viewing guides, along with a CD that contains a set of printable resource materials. All of the components of the Literacy Coaching Series provide a flexible learning system to meet your instructional needs and ensure that you and your colleagues meet its most important goal – improving student reading achievement.

All our best,

Susan and Laurie


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